Especialidad en transporte de productos perecederos, particularmente frutas, verduras y carnes.


Client Service

We are a responsible company with a clear focus on attending to the needs of our clients in the European Community. Armesa Logística makes compliance with all aspects of a contract an unforgettable pleasure for the whole staff the company employs.

Quality and Reliability

Our Land-based transport fleet, always modern and well-maintained, as well as being controlled by GPS technology, acts as a reliability guarantee for our clients.

Commitment to the Environment

Armesa Logística prides itself on its modern and eco-friendly transport fleet: we use Euro VI Advanced trucks and ECO semitrailers, which allows us entry to the most eco-demanding countries.

A Great Team

Our highly-qualified team is hugely experienced in land-based logistics and transport. Armesa Logística greatly values its personnel for their ability, hard work, talent and attitude, and for that reason it retains its commitment to continuous training with comprehensive personal development plans. This applies to both operations staff and drivers, so as to maximise the quality of service our clients receive, delivering the goods on the agreed date (Just In Time delivery) and in perfect condition.

GPS Technology

Armesa Logística has developed its own fleet monitoring program, which allows the client to view the position of all available vehicles in real time via the client’s own internet connection. This system also offers the client information on journey times and our drivers’ rest periods.

Armesa Logística Facilities

Armesa has at its disposal two bases, strategically-located to help the goods arrive on time at their destination. These facilities in Spain and Germany achieve the required high level of service demanded by our groupage and transport clients.