Respect For The Environment

Logistics, international road transport and commitment to the environment: this is our challenge, our greatest challenge. Sustainable economic development, efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly land transport: these are our goals, our company philosophy. Climate change is a reality that is on the agenda of all companies, from SMEs to international companies such as ARMESA Logística.

Reducing global warming is the task of each and every one of us: ARMESA Logística renews its vehicle fleet every twelve months. New trucks and semi-trailers, always in perfect condition and equipped with modern, advanced Euro VI engines, guarantee a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, to minimise fuel consumption, all ARMESA Logística vehicles are connected to a GPS network so that the shortest route can be calculated at all times, thus saving unnecessary mileage and fuel.

Carbon dioxide, the effect of petrol combustion, is not the only gas that is harmful to the environment; refrigeration gases are also highly toxic and dangerous for the environment: at ARMESA Logística we also take care of this fundamental detail, always using environmentally friendly refrigeration gases in our refrigeration cells.

In addition, we have clean points at our logistics bases where used oil can be deposited. Every litre of used oil, if disposed of incorrectly, can pollute thousands of litres of water. So, thanks to our exemplary waste oil management, we guarantee the health of our seas and rivers.

International road transport is an indispensable necessity for the European economy. It is much more flexible and versatile than rail, air and sea transport. Reducing the environmental impact of this indispensable economic resource is a task that characterises our daily work.